Drivers Info

Drivers Info

General Info for drivers

Congratulations for making that decision to join the Saba Ride services network.

Here we list the important documents you need to upload depending on your region or country.

To get started download the Saba Ride App from your app store.

Create your account by adding all your credentials. You will receive an SMS confirmation code on your phone. Enter the code to complete the signup process.

All drivers are required to upload a clear driver profile photo showing the full forward-looking face and shoulders.

Next, you will need to upload your documents via the Saba Ride App.  Alternatively, you can email them to us we will gladly upload them onto your portal for you.

Once all documents are uploaded we verify them and activate your account within 72 hours and you are ready to start making money.

Cars we accept for ride service.

You have few choices available:

Saba EC (Economy)

cars 1300cc to 2000cc



Only 4 door cars permitted

Saba EL (Elegant)

Cars 2000cc plus

This option is for travellers who want elegancy. Can accommodate 4 or more passengers.

Saba LX (Luxurious)

For luxurious travel.

Cars 2000 cc plus.

Minimum 4 passengers.

Note: In Kenya we allow Boda Boda motor bikes and Tuk Tuk in Ethiopia. The Drivers licence and vehicle insurance requirements apply.

General car requirements

Your car should be less than 15 years old.

Should have 4 doors and minimum 4 seating.

We do not accept cars that have had body alterations or repairs.

Documents required by region/country:

Brisbane City

Queensland (Australia)

1. Full unrestricted QLD license.

2. QLD BHSL (Booked Hire Service Licence) more info at

3. CTP insurance. Your vehicle must be registered in QLD.

4. Vehicle inspection report.

5. ABN (Australian Business Number)

6. Right to work document for Non-Australians/visitors. This can be your valid visa which allows you to legally work in Australia. Your non-Australian passport copy is required.

Victoria state (Australia)
  1. Full unrestricted Victorian Driver License held for minimum 6 months
  2. Driver Accreditation issued by the CPVV (Commercial Passenger Vehicle Victoria). You will need to satisfy several conditions such as medical assessment, criminal history, work rights. To get started visit the CPVV portal.
  3. Personal Identification. You need to upload any of the following to prove who you are: passport copy, citizenship certificate, birth certificate.
  4. Right to work document. This can be your valid visa which allows you to legally work in Australia. Your non-Australian passport copy is required.
  5. CTP. This refers to the vehicle insurance. We need a valid insurance policy copy for third party property damage clearly stating your vehicle details. Your vehicle must be registered in Victoria.
  6. Vehicle inspection report. If not done we recommend you book for your inspection with Redbook.
  7. CPVV number. Every vehicle must have this number issued by the CPVV.
  8. ABN (Australian Business Number).

** For drivers in Victoria, once we activate your account 3 Saba Decal or brand removable stickers will be mailed direct to you. It is a legal requirement to display the sticker on the left front of the windscreen (passenger side) when you are online.

Nairobi City

Kenya drivers:
  1. Full unrestricted drivers licence held for 3 years
  2. NTSA Driver badge
  3. PSV insurance

Harare City

Zimbabwe drivers

1. Full drivers licence held for 3 years

2. Vehicle comprehensive insurance

3. Vehicle inspection report (VID)

Addis Ababa City

Ethiopia drivers

1. Full drivers licence held for 3 years

2. Permission or certificate to drive a passenger vehicle

3. Vehicle insurance

4. City vehicle certificate (authorisation to carry passengers, issued by your city council)

Poland drivers

1. Full driving licence held for a year

2. Driver Government identification (Passport, ID card). You must be 20 years or older.

3. Taxi license (issued by your local municipality)

Saba 20th January 2024.